• Welcome to Create Movement.

    Create Movement is a Melbourne based Pilates mat class. Classes are taught in a contemporary style incorporating traditional methods of Pilates but with a focus on breath and movement, ideal for re-energizing and nourishing the whole body.

    The group mat classes cater for all levels and are small in size, ensuring each participant receives a more personalized instruction.

    Create Movement is designed to help participants get a deeper knowledge and understanding of Pilates with a more holistic approach, while still seeing changes in their posture, improved flexibility and core strength, as well as an overall improvement in their well being and awareness.

  • "The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body"DR. BRUCE H. LIPTON


Hello, and welcome to Create Movement! My name is Claudia, and this is my boutique Bayside Pilates Studio. I have been a passionate Pilates Teacher for 8 years. Pilates is a holistic approach to fitness and leaves me feeling challenged, stronger, happier and recharged. It has improved my posture and cast a whole new light on my approach to my body and well-being.

With increased demand for my one-on-one sessions and group training, it became obvious that the time had come to create a home-based studio that specialises in Pilates practices.

One of the most important things I have learned in my time as a Pilates Practitioner is that everyone’s body is unique – we all respond differently to varying levels of intensity and types of movement. Create Movement therefore has crafted extensive programs around this concept and we offer comprehensive Pilates programs. From Mat Pilates, Remedial Pilates, Pre and Post-natal Pilates, one-on-one private classes, Mobile Pilates, Functional Training, Yoga, Workshops and Events; we offer something for everyone, crafted specially to your body and your needs.

Most recently Claudia has completed her Diploma in Slings Myofascial Training in Ubud, Bali. This unique fascia focused training aims to strengthen the body’s postural balance, improve movement efficiency, enhance resilience and activate the body’s self-healing abilities. She is one of only a few qualified Slings Myofascial Training Practitioners in Australia.

With her broad international experience, Claudia seeks to help clients gain greater flexibility, strength and freedom, thereby enhancing the connection between body and mind, the basis of lasting good health.

Pilates provides a calm and peaceful way to workout, with a focus on breathing, being present, and learning to pay attention to your body and mind. The studio is bright and provides a calming and relaxing environment; and with no more than five people in a class, you can expect a personal and private movement experience. The philosophy at Create Movement is to provide movement classes where you feel in charge of your body and health and are supported to take your fitness to a whole new level, and keep you there.

For more information about Pilates classes, click on contact, email me at info [at] createmovement.com or call on 0407 582 833.