ChiBall World

The first time I came across ChiBall was while I was living in Perth.

My dear friend Rebecca brought along these colorful, balls, infused with a ChiAroma (I will explain later) to our weekly practice.

Not only could we use them on the equipment, but they were also the best prop for mat exercises.

From then on ChiBall came along with me wherever I went.

The ChiBall is uniquely handcrafted, infused with a ChiAroma, and vary slightly in texture and colour.

ChiBall promotes a holistic lifestyle approach to health and well-being, based on the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

They are versatile and can be used in dance, Tai Chi, Pilates, whatever creative use you come up with. But like me once a ChiBall is in your hand you might find it very difficult to let go of.

Maybe it is the ChiAroma that makes these little balls so different. The ten aromas ensure that there is a scent for every person. Whether you like lavender for those stretching exercises, or lemongrass for an uplifting and refreshing boost to your warm summer morning workout, or eucalyptus to help release all that stress in the neck and shoulder area, ChiBall has added a new dimension to Pilates exercises.

The colour or scent you are drawn to is a reflection of positivity within your mind and body in that particular moment in time.

I use the ChiBall regularly in my Pilates classes at Create Movement. Please feel free to contact the studio if you would like to find out more about ChiBalls.