Workshop Roll and Release ‘work the magic with the soft grip balls’

24 of February 2018

12-2.30 pm at Create Movement Pilates Studio


(please contact us via the contact form or get in touch to book in for this class before the 23rd of February)


The Workshop comprises a set of specifically selected exercises that: 

  • Engage all myofascial meridians
  • Incorporate myofascial training techniques to improve tissue glide, elasticity and adaptability.
  • Promoting movement ease, sensory awareness of the lines and tissue nourishment

Raising awareness this February, for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, at Create Movement I am urging Clients to recognize the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all women’s cancers. Each year in Australia approximately 1580 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and more than 1047 women die from the disease.

There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer so the best way of detecting the disease is to know and recognise the signs and symptoms. Ovarian cancer cannot be detected by a pap test or cervical smear.

If women are diagnosed at an early stage, they have a 44% chance of being alive and well within five years of diagnosis. However, approximately 75% of women are diagnosed at an advanced stage, where the cancer has spread and is difficult to treat successfully.

61% off the profit from this workshop will be going to this cause.

If you wonder about the odd number 61%, my mum sadly passed away of ovarian cancer in 2011. She only turned 61. She had 12 month to live after the diagnose.

I like to raise awareness because I believe it is easy to overlook the symptoms.

I have been donating to since 2012.

This February I like to offer this great workshop, and have decided not only teaching the amazing roll and release workshop, we also having Cassandra from Health Cass Creations to drop of the best selections of her healthy raw vegan bites and bliss balls.

There will be a tasting platter, tea and water provided. Great opportunity to buy a take home small foodie bag on that day, Cassandra unfortunately will not be around as she is attending the market in Fitzroy. I am sure we will see her at some other events at the Studio.

Please make your booking for the workshop as soon as possible.

The workshop needs to be paid in fully by Friday 23 of February.

There is a strict 12-hour cancellation notice.