Gentle Yoga and Sound Healing with Larisa (18.04.18)

Wednesday 18th of April 2018
7.45 pm – 9 pm


Come and join Larisa for this healing class. This is what Larisa says about Yoga: My yoga experience
Yoga is my life since I found yoga ,yoga
Healed me yoga gave me confidence and peace in my mind. Through yoga I m understand life is a Gift
Life is a moment it’s never repeat.
I had lot of health issues with tummy problems,
Constipation,knees issues, migraine and lot of fears and depression.
Now I’m free mentally, emotionally and physically.
I learn how to listened my heart, how to recognise my feelings and emotions how to Love myself and give my gift others.
Meditation and sounds healing came to me later
Also tought me how to resonance with the universe and become vibration with all living creatures.
Understand if I m kind and loving myself I reflect the same to others
Benefits of Yoga Meditation and sounds healing
Put you on state who you are and what you really like and love to do no more fears no more stress
It’s helps me and it’s helps you
Let’s do together and bring harmony to our Planet together. I’d love to meet you all at Create Movement studio to share Love and Light
Larisa Healey

Ayurverda  – an afternoon with Peter Noblet (Dip. Ayurveda. Member of Ayurveda Association of Australia (28.04.18)

( Please contact the studio to book and organize payment for this workshop)
Saturday 28th of April 2018
2-4 pm
Costs: $55 (Workshop needs to be fully paid by Wednesday 25. of April 2018, via direct debit Create Movement Studio)
Peter Noblet is passionate about sharing his knowledge and empowering other through better understanding of who they are and what they can do to increase their own wellbeing. Ayurveda, one of the oldest health care systems, known to man, forms part of ancient manuscripts called the Vedas. The scripts, where written thousands of years ago to living and understanding life as a human being and the responsibility that brings to ourselves, each other and all living things.
Ayurveda literally means the ‘science of life”, or study of life.
This form of medicine categorizes three types of life forces or doshas: Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha. Each person has a combination of each life energy, but one is believed to be dominant. Identifying which life force needs to be balanced can alleviate health issues, as each dosha controls a different function in the body.
Here are the top ten health benefits of Ayurveda:
  • Reduces Stress
  • Weight loss or maintenance
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Minimizes Inflammation
  • Reduce Symptoms of illness and disease
  • Cleanses the body
  • Overall Balance
  • Help cure Insomnia
  • Healthy and Glowing Skin


A Healthy Shoulder Workshop (03.06.18)

( Please contact the studio to book and organize payment for this workshop)


Sunday 3rd of June 2018
11-1 pm.
Cost: $50
The shoulder, more accurately called the “shoulder girdle” is a remarkable, complex joint. Its mobility however, is so vulnerable to overuse and injuries. It is the most difficult and complicated joint in the body to rehabilitate.
As with most joint conditions, shoulder problems can be traced back to misuse, overuse, disuse or abuse of shoulder muscles.
This workshop will offer to teach you about the shoulder girdle and how to prevent re- injury. There will be a comprehensive shoulder condition program with a specific stretching routine.
Joseph Pilates (the father of Pilates exercises) said it best:
“Stretch what is tight, strengthen what is lax.”
I have experience working in clinical environments for Osteo’s and Physio’s and also in using different equipment based studios with different teaching practices. With my awareness I can assist you to exercise safely on the mat. Some of the exercises may remind you of those that you learnt if you have had physiotherapy.
There will be also a wealth of knowledge that I will pass on about how to do your home practice safely. I will help you to understand the role of fascia in the body.  This is necessary because movement efficiency, fascial stability and adaptability are equally important.
You can book this workshop via email, phone or directly at the studio. Please note there is a 50% deposit required to attend the workshop. The outstanding amount needs to be paid by  1. of June 2018.
You will receive a take home kit with an exercise program and a small surprise.