The core of my teaching

The classes taught at Create Movement Studio assist participants with their individual needs through the exercises and focuses on the detail required while creating a relaxed and calming environment for each participant.

I have drawn upon my own past experience attending various Pilates and Yoga Classes around the world to harness the guidance needed from a movement teacher. Moving into the pose, with the care of a professional teacher can have a huge impact on the participants learning experience, obtaining the optimal alignment and very importantly a safe practice.

As a professional teacher I have a strong desire to connect with the participants in my class, giving them the opportunity to learn and enhance their skills making exercising an easier and more enjoyable experience for them. A key factor is to understand each participant’s condition, ability and learning style, creating an experience that is so much more than just another work out.

I pride myself on being an attentive teacher, listening and observing each individual participant and creating a series of exercises that will benefit all.

I remember my first aha! moment in Pilates, and I hope to guide all my students to theirs. It is not about over-correcting someone, rather about guiding one into improving his or her health, alignment and overall wellbeing.

It is through my own journey of recovering from a back injury, that I know the benefits Pilates can have on someone’s life and why I have made it my passion to inspire a healthy lifestyle for all.

And the first step towards that healthy lifestyle is simply to move the body.


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