Staying healthy over the Christmas Period


How do you find the lead up to Christmas?
Are you stressed just at the thought of it? How much better would it be for you to get to Christmas feeling relaxed and peaceful? Is this your normal experience? Do you find this time of year busy and stressful? Are many of the people you know tired and already looking forward to summer holidays, which are still 2 weeks away? Would you or they like to feel differently?
You can. And all it takes is 2 more weeks of structured classes between now and Christmas for you or someone you know to feel much more relaxed and present.
Create Movement has increased the number of classes on the timetable since November.
Take your pick, find the perfect class for you!
Maybe aim for the next couple of weeks to come for an additional class.
Through persistent and committed pilates training in our studio you will decrease the tension of those tight upper back and neck muscles, increase your strength, tone up, have more endurance in your core and abdominal muscles.
You will leave the class relaxed, gain more body awareness and going into the silly session less stressed!
What has been happening in November?
I had the chance to fly over to WA to attend another great course, with amazing educators and my lovely teacher friends from my many years of living in WA.
In this course I gained an understanding between “Functionality” and “Training for Function”.
What does this mean for you, what changes are now in the class?
It means that by providing so many different classes on the timetable it gives you the chance to have more choice. The classes are structured to peoples needs, and each class sequence is designed to reach goals, that enhances your physical functionality, body awareness and well-being.
Have you been one of the lucky ones to get into the Masterclass last Sunday?
If not there will be another fantastic ‘ Melt ‘ Masterclass in the new year, and many more fantastic Sunday morning workshops to come, keep an eye out on the next newsletter!
I would like to introduce you to the most beneficial exercise! Pilates pelvic tilt exercise.
Pelvic tilt
Pilates pelvic tilt exerciseChi ball
The ball is centred beneath the sacrum
The Pelvis is centred
Inhale to prepare
Exhale:  Engage your pelvic floor and tilt the pelvis back with minimal muscular effort in the abdominals.
The pelvic floor’s deepest layer (pelvic diaphragm) lengthens the tailbone inward and downward, which elongates the lumbar spine from within.
The strength of the engaged pelvic floor muscles is transferred to the long rectus abdominis, which attach to the pubic bone.
Inhale: Release the engagement of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, and the centre the pelvis over the ball.
Benefits: Releases stiffness and tension in the pelvis and lower spine. Posterior opening of the sacral area (sacroiliac joints).
Pelvic floor activity, softening of the hip flexors.
Knee drop to the side
Red soft grip balls
Place each ball on each side under buttock
Pelvis is centred
Exhale : Engage the pelvic floor and abdominals, keep the pelvis centred
Inhale: open one leg to the side, feel how your gluteal muscle wrap over the ball, lower the leg to your comfort, without touching the floor, let the breath flow now. Keep the leg laterally rotated, slide your leg along the floor, once the leg is almost extended, bring it back to the center, the kneecap points towards the ceiling, draw the leg back into the bent knee position. Repeat 8-10 times on one side, change side.
Once finished, take the balls away, feel release of the tension in your hips and gluts, the space you created must feel sensational!
Benefits: mobilises and frees hips and pelvis for easy walking.

New To Meditation?

While Nikki has taken a break from teaching yoga & meditation at Create Movement, she has made available a 10 minute guided meditation based on her Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra training. Head to this link to get your FREE meditation & tips to kickstart your meditation practice and keep you calm over the Christmas period!
Last but least!
I wish you lovely people a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true, and have a happy and healthy holiday!
I hope you find the time to pause, and reflect on the past year. Oh what a year! It was a fantastic year and I would like to thank you all for your support, coming with me on this amazing journey from the start of the year, launching the website and being able to create a calm and relaxing environment, and having you coming along to the classes & keeping me on my toes with further studying!
I feel very lucky to live in such a wonderful area of Melbourne, and I love the community of bayside.
Looking forward to seeing you in 2016, and many more beautiful classes at Create Movement!
The studio will be closed from the Saturday 19 December, last chance to squeeze in a 1:1 Session on Friday the 18 December.
Reopen for 1:1 Sessions from 29 December onward.
Group classes starting back on Tuesday 12 January 2016.
 Take the opportunity to buy a gift voucher for a dear friend or family member.
Get your soft grip balls or chi balls for your home practice, perfect for Christmas presents too!
Create Movement extends the Starter special for new clients: 3 x 1:1 sessions for only
$180 (use within a four week period)
Special finishes 31 January 2016.
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