Our mat classes now come to you virtually by live stream.

Powered by Zoom, get an amazing personalised experience with our wide variety of mat classes. Same experienced teachers, same attention to detail. Fun- all in the comfort of your own home. 

Fun and flowing classes with an intimate feel. Our classes focus on fluid transitions that will keep you moving. Capped at twelve participants you’ll know that you’re in good hands with Create Movement Online Studio.

If you’re new to Pilates, go to FAQ to find out what Pilates is. For more info visit class time table to view our class description.


Mat classes are a great way to work out as a group. They are fun and inspiring, focusing on fluid transitions to keep you moving. Classes at Create Movement focus on a holistic mindful movement experience, balancing strength with flexibility and control. 

The simplicity of a mat workout is often underestimated. But when it’s you and the mat, things get interesting. We may also use small props such as rollers, bands and rings to mix things up. Props can offer assistance or increase challenge. 

We keep our classes small to get to know you and what your body needs. You can expect a maximum of twelve people in your class.

 However we would encourage new clients to take advantage of a 60 minute start up private session. This includes postural assessment and a filmed home program.

Be empowered by our classes to practice at home too.

We have designed our mat classes with pain free clients in mind. If you have an acute injury, a chronic illness please contact us. We will be able to look after you in the one on one Zoom setting.

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