Many things come from the heart. Qi of the heart

I am very interested in life force and the Qi of the heart. Qi is our vital energy. It is always flowing and constantly changing. Its foundation is energetic fitness. I believe that when we are emotionally disconnected it has an effect on our Qi, and when we are connecting well with the world around us, we experience the feeling of flowing freely.

There are many reasons for possible disconnection.

The pain of separation, the loss of someone we love can make us feel as if we are separated from our self and the world around us. If this happens, we might try to suppress our emotions but experience anxiety and tiredness.

Psychological and emotional wellbeing are inextricably linked with physical health. Emotional imbalance can cause illness and illness can cause emotional or psychological imbalance.

So how does a “pattern of disharmony” affect our lifestyle? Psycho/emotional disturbance may diminish the capacity of your heart to connect with others and to judge true nature.

While stress affects our health, healthy life style choices improve our flow of vitality, inviting awareness and love of self. This is essential for living in balance with your mind and organs.

I had a wonderful experience back in 2010 in Perth. As I had the opportunity and time, I joined a Tai Chi class. One thing in particular that I loved about it, was the way our Teacher from China, could explain very well, how the Qi flows, its impact on our body organs, nervous system, mental health and much more. We learned about the 5 phases, wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

That Tai Chi class was the highlight of the week for me. I experienced being in full presence in his class. My body felt light and I was happy with myself and with others. It was a journey of self-healing, although I didn’t realize it so much back then.

I felt happy and content and my heart was filled with joy.

Ultimately good health can lead to happiness, and vice versa.

Being physically and emotional well is the key to a happy and healthy heart.

In true healing the re connection and opening of the heart can be only achieved by you!