Movement, Joy and Inner peace

Movement, Joy and Inner peace

Recently I spoke with a wonderful young lady about being in love with the work we do. She is a Chiropractor and I am in the Studio teaching movement classes. We talked about how we findwhen working with clients. We both work in a field where it is important to practice self-care to keep the joy and satisfaction of giving the best to our valued clientele. Self practice and finding joy in movement is essential being or becoming a movement teacher.

Of course, self-care is important for anyone, regardless working in health care, in an office or on a building site.

The beauty about teaching Movement is to see the positive changes people can make, body wise and mentally. Pilates and Yoga both have beneficial effects on the nervous system, and help to create greater postural awareness. In some practices it can add to achieving a true and healing spiritual journey.

I love sharing the joy my participants find in moving their body. I get as excited as them when we are going through assessment to create their new program.

Together we create new pathways so as to unwind existing patterns and postural habits. Private sessions can deepen the connection between the participant and practitioners.

As I talked to my young lady, I mentioned something to her. I said “Once you know deep inside that this is your path, you will open up endless possibilities. You will become confident in your work and really enjoy what you do. Finding your own teacher voice, and being passionate are ways to find inner peace and releasing self -doubt. Become what you meant to become.”

If you trust and have faith, everything will work out just fine. Movement certainly always helped me to have more fun and joy in life. To find inner peace you have to be ready for a journey that involves many steps and rocky roads. I can find it by connecting with like-minded people, who I can work with and have meaningful conversations. It is not only the daily practice. Connections and networking are important parts as well.

I have been in all sorts of teacher positions and employment environments. From every clinic, studio, and big or small business, you take something important with you. It is wonderful to have so much choice and opportunity to learn more about our field. One has to stay open and curious, there is so much to discover and learn from each other.

Myself and the young Chiropractor, we both agreed that you need to know your values, your limits. You need to practice self- care and believe in your ability.

And now, an invitation. If you wish to take up the opportunity to for Postural assessment / body reading based on Anatomy Trains, T.W Myers, or looking for some guidance in your career as teacher, I would love to connect with you!