Memories of my Teaching Travels

Teaching and traveling lift my spirits. I have had a few opportunities to travel in Australia, teaching in various locations. I very much want to share my experiences in different parts in the world one day.

My Travels in the Past.

Switzerland, Bern 2009

It was here that I stayed with Cornelia. Her apartment was very cosy with an old feeling, like traveling back to the1970’s. I felt at home. Bern is not far from the German border and it takes only a couple hours by car to get this wonderful city, nestled at the foot of the Alps.

The time I’m talking about was very early in my teaching career. Actually, I was a beginner. I’d just finished my mat certification and remedial Pilates certification. I went to an Event hosted by Karin Gurtner. There was a warm welcome from the girls on my arrival at the studio. The place was spacious with the wonderful feeling of a New York warehouse.

Synergi Flow was something new for me and the energy of the class made my body feel warm, long after the event. I loved the teachers’ vigour and spirit. With each rhythmic experience the smile on people grew and I felt happy. My coordination wasn’t great, but that’s okay. Remember I come from a German folk dance background with only a few lessons in ball room dance. I was hypnotised by all the graceful movement and the long, lean bodies in the classroom.

After all the effort of the day’s work, I spent evenings with Cornelia, drinking hot chocolate and eating the first Christmas cookies to ward off the cold.

I loved walking through the city. It was as if I had come back home. In fact, Switzerland was for a long time, the place where my husband and I lived and worked, before heading off to Australia.

August 2015

Arrival in UBUD for some studying and movement

Sweet smell, and humidity are the two immediate sensations when hopping off the plane at Bali. I like the sweetness in the air, but I always struggle with the heaviness. I soon feel as if my legs have gained 10 kilograms of weight. I am also nervous of becoming an unsuspecting drug mule. Maybe the drug pushers could interfere with my massage balls. I feel the tension in my body and arriving at my accommodation, a great sense of relief settles in.

On this occasion I was there for a course of Slings Myofascial training. I was very happy to see some of my special friends from Perth and got really excited about making new friends. How can I describe my emotions. I don’t know. I just understood that the first part of this course would be the first stone to set me on a road on which I have continued to travel. I have never tired of studying anatomy in depth since then.

After my course, I left Bali with the feeling that I needed to change my work direction and it was not long after that, that I turned my back on my old workplace, thinking that I would miss my clientele from the clinic, but it is only if I close this door that I will be able to continue my journey. I still continued working for Anna Tetlow in North Fitzroy, where I was encouraged by the team to share the new passion that I had found.

Then, by opening my own business I became the captain of my own ship. I mean I opened up my garage, which I revamped from being an entertaining room to a cosy studio space, enough to roll out 5 mats. So far, the first course of my new sailing trip was not easy, working six days a week, saving my

money for the upcoming diploma and further traveling around the globe, while running a small business from home.

April. 2016 Germany and Switzerland

What did I do this time? I’ll keep it short and sharp. I snowboarded a lot, ate cheese and chocolate like there is no tomorrow. And I actually posed in the snow fields, wearing my active wear. It was -7 degrees below a glacier. So never underestimate a Pilates Teacher, my active wear became my snow thermal underwear, prepared for anything on the slopes.

Bali Denpasar August 2016 (Ubud) finishing Diploma of Myofacsial Training

. What can I say, this time I was in such a high mood, finishing my diploma and feeling incredibly strong and focused. I can’t tell you how rewarding it was. I love it being in different parts in the world. The energy of teachers and body workers in one room is something magical. This was another mile stone helping to form my future of becoming the very first host in Australia to host the Slings Myofascial Training concept.

Switzerland, French part, Lake Geneva, May 2017

My husband drops me off on Wednesday night, at a magnificent chateau. To get to it, we drove through very familiar region and stopped on the way at one of the mountain villages where we used to live. I love it, my heart is heavy writing this. My connection to Switzerland is deep. We had a wonderful time there living for many years in these villages, where you see majestic mountains and every season of the year is wonderful. My course starts the next day. I am excited. I spot T. W Myers on the way to the dining room and buffet. He is the author of the book Anatomy Trains. So here I am, finally going to meet him, joining his three day course: “ AntiFragile Fascia”

I bought his book over 10 years ago. The courses in Bali have brought me closer to his work. Now I am immersing myself into this work for 5 days. I will learn about connective tissue, embryology and take part in a fantastic movement course with Karin Gurtner.

I love the smell of the fresh spring air. I often walked through the nearby forest at the start of the day or end of the day’s work. Beautiful Swiss cows were grazing in the shadow, and there was a feeling of being home again.

This journey extended my road with more stones and I am on a long road. The journey continues.

But finally I had to say good-bye to some wonderful new friends that I had met and good-bye to the always inspiring Karin Gurtner, founder of the Slings Myofascial Training.

So what has happened since then?

Since returning I have travelled interstate in Australia, and sometimes I can’t believe how much I am learning. But I look back on these travels and my memories and my heart tells me that the growth will continue.

Here’s to an exciting 2020. I am ready for everything, making time for more travel, study and embodiment. The best part is that I will bring back all my gained knowledge to my lovely Pilates/ Yoga community in Sandringham, so that everyone can benefit from it.