‘To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest” Mahatma Gandhi

Sea change, years of grief, self -healing and becoming a mentor.
Here’s my story.

I am a lover of nature, movement, color and creativity. On my journey to becoming a Pilates & Slings Myofascial Training Practitioner, these interests came with me on the road to realizing my dream and to staying centered.

Recently one of my clients mentioned that she loves going to studios where the teachers present an authentic selection of movement & meditation.
“You, Claudia, are authentic in what you’re doing”, she said. With this the conversation ended. As she left the studio, the words didn’t leave me.
Truly, I felt a bit confused. What did she mean? But slowly since then, there have been feelings creeping up of confidence, happiness and certainty. Yes, this is where my road has been taking me, to find that my authenticity and my teaching are real.
Yes, I like to offer authentic classes to ignite mind and body connection. I like to invite participants to explore movement and gain confidence and freedom on the mat. I like to empower people.

In the first years of teaching there was self-doubt. The same questions always arise. Are my classes interesting? Do people understand my instructions? Do degrees of pain or injuries lessen? Is there healing of trauma? Of course many teachers go through this self questioning and lack of confidence.
If there is a well-established teaching community and good mentors nearby then one may bounce back easily, but if not it can be tough.

I am not sure exactly when my self-healing process started. I started to live my passion, but still had self -doubts. I did the job then went back to the books getting more confused or realizing how much more I needed to learn. I attended workshops and courses, resulting in another pile of self-doubt or and more doubt again with having the choice of different schools of education. Which is right or wrong? Who is the best? These were the years of comparison. There was no way to stop. I wanted to finish two diplomas in 4 years and I wanted to meet different educators. I had a strong urge to understand the complexity of the human body.
I found that being a teacher is not like going to a 9-5 job. The work behind the teaching and studying time and self -practice is hugely important to grow and become confident.

Sometimes I needed an outlet away from the studio. I was able to recharge through nature. When I did feel overwhelmed with teaching, being in nature helped me stay grounded. I loved playing around with food and creating new dishes. Buying different styles and sizes of colorful bowls, to plate up food brought me more satisfaction and opportunity to indulge in enjoyment of color, creativity and fun.

But when did self- healing start for me? There was I guess, a period of 4 years when close friends and people around me started dying, due to illness and accidents. The power of grief can be underestimated.

We had a sea change when moving started in 2011. We had to start all over again and somehow cope with the frustration that in order to reach my dream of opening my own studio, I needed to wait until the right time for us.

During the last three years, the Slings Myoufascial Training has guided me to live and practice a healthy lifestyle that can yield longevity and serve as a coping mechanism for grief. I realize that I can help busy professionals learn to relax their body and minds. I am devoted to my practice on a daily basis.
When both my body and mind are distressed at the same time, it has become clearer that I can be a mentor for other teachers, teachers who might struggle and be going through mind games of what, if, can I?? Just like me.

With the help of many great teachers my eyes and mind have opened up to love and believe in what I do. Now I live it and it is authentic and honest teaching from the bottom of my soul! With activating the self -healing process and sharpening the mind, the colors in everything become more intense and nature becomes more important then ever. Movement will be embodied and creativity has no limits.
Now I live what I believe in.