Simplify, Value, Discover, Belief

I often catch myself at the start of the year getting excited. Buying a new journal & calendar, finding new quotes to get myself inspired and motivated, making plans and goals, feeding off other people’s ideas or just reading a new book.

My values are health (both physical and mental), relationship happiness, friendships & family. There is a wonderful quote “Values are not just words, values are what we live by”. – John Kerry

Good, so values are what really matter to me and to add to my list of making plans and setting goals.

With the four words I choose, value is one of them.

With the word simplify, I connect with it instantly. To achieve your goals, you need to get rid of the clutter from your daily life and with these simple strategies; you can simplify your routines, free your mind and create clear objectives.

Discover, oh yes, bring it on! Questions to discover who I am.

The answers lie within myself and the means of seeking them out can strengthen my self-esteem and build my confidence.

For example I could ask myself: Who/What is most important to me?

Who/What am I inspired by?

What am I afraid of?

What do I really want?

We all have beliefs about the world and the way we think it works.

Your beliefs, both positive and negative, profoundly affect every decision you make in life. For instance, limiting beliefs can cause procrastination, as it confines you to your comfort zone and protects you from whatever you might be afraid of.

Now I have started to create a list asking myself: Afraid of success? Afraid of failure? Afraid of what people think or say? Afraid of change? Afraid of being rejected?

So what is this blog all about?

I thought rather then setting unrealistic New Years resolutions, I would dig a little deeper and kick start my new year with four words I found drawn to.

Easy, yes? Could be if you just leave it like that. This is what I have been doing so far.

Oh, we all want to de-clutter. With the first word simplify I started to de-clutter my workspace, my wardrobe.

Simplicity = Clarity

When you simplify your life, you emerge from the fog and can move forward with a clear head.

This is a New Years resolution for many people but in most cases it doesn’t happen.

The first couple of weeks of the New Year, I set time aside for my friends and partner. I value my relationship and my friendships, my family. I often hear at the start of the year, yes I am going to visit my relatives more often, I will try to catch up with my friends more, and I will try to aim for a date every month with my partner.

The year goes fast, and most of the time, we realize it didn’t happen.

Understanding my values brings absolute clarity to every decision I make.

We are always focusing on doing more, being more efficient and more productive, and succeeding in business and other parts of life. However, it’s evolved to include the more nourishing tones of space, valuing the downtime just as much as the high-octane time, and realizing that even doing simple chores are achievements.

Setting the time aside to see my friends was already a very good move in the New Year. I could have spent the time working, finding excuses, but I didn’t. Value has already become part of my daily action

“Discover” will be a project throughout my whole year.

Snapshots of 2016

I will start a book titled ME, where I record snapshots of this year and the answers to questions I have listed.

I am excited, it is not a New Years resolution, it will be a journey and I can repeat it every year!

How to conquer limiting beliefs:

Step 1: Be responsible

Choose your own beliefs and the way you want to live and behave.

“The biggest obstacle to creating a wonderful life is self limiting beliefs. A self limiting belief is an idea you have that you’re limited in some way, in terms of time, talent, intelligence, money, ability or opportunity.”

I am still working on beliefs, but at least I have started. I’m feeling motivated, rather then pressured with unrealistic expectations and nonsense New Year resolutions.

To the Year 2016!