Virtual Studio

Online Pilates and Slings with Claudia Buehrer: 46 minutes $15

Pilates Essential encompasses a wide range of styles from classical, the Myofascial Release Technique to contemporary Pilates class. You can practice Pilates Essential anytime of the day. Props: 2 Soft massage Ball or/ and a rolled up beach towel.
The sequence is taught in kneeling, sitting, supine and finishing up in standing.
Relaxing und unloading of shoulder muscles. 
Optimisation of postural and lateral breathing in various exercises
Promoting circulation
Strengthening of Pelvic Floor and Abdominals
Mobilising the Thoracic spine
Energising the body

Online Pilates and Slings with Claudia Buehrer: 58 minutes $23

On- demand access to Create Movement’s video library and expert movement plan carefully curated by Claudia Buehrer all designed to provide you with guidance, motivation and support to help achieve focused results, strengthening the body’s postural balance, improve movement efficiency, enhance resilience and improved freedom of Movement.

Online Pilates Stretch and Flex. Melting away of tension and light adhesions: 44 minutes $15

Every stretch, strengthening exercise and self – massage has affects on the whole body. Stretch and Flex, a exercise sequence to mobilising the ribcage joints through breathing. Shoulder release exercises to increase mobility in joint, arms and wrist. Micro – mobilising of spine through active lengthening and softening with the flow of the breath.

Length, glide and the ability to relax the muscles and fascia of the hip, back and side of the hip Releasing of the adductors, nourishing the muscles of the fascia of the hips and all around the thigh.
Promoting circulation and calming the nervous system.

On-Demand access to Create Movement’s video library of classes you can access anytime, anywhere from your devices.
55–60-minute classes, single class purchase: $23
30–35 minute classes, single class purchase: $15
Expert Movement Plan carefully curated by Claudia Buehrer all designed to provide you with guidance, motivation and support to help to achieve focused results, live pain-free and feel amazing in your body today.
Expert Movement Plan will be available end September 2021.
Currently we are working on Exclusive Workshops. Our Expert Movement Plan members get access to join exclusive Masterclasses, live Workshops released every month. Monthly payment, a great value for money!
Enjoy our complimentary mini sequence below. Thank you!



Pop up virtual class every week, understanding fascia, the lines, feel the sense of space and healing movements. I believe movement has the power to transform our hearts, activating the body’s self healing process, strengthen our minds and find peace within.