Thoughts on the ‘Zest of life’

On a random Thursday morning, I was sitting with my husband in our lovely little village, close to the beach, at Bayside Melbourne in one of our favourite coffee shops.

Whilst I am sipping my English Breakfast Tea, Danny is already doing something. We are both similar when doing it, but he does it with dogs. His observation of every single dog passing us or sitting next to us reminds me of myself. Whatever he does, scanning the dog and its behaviour, I am doing with humans.

Yeah I know one could say now, “yes you two do something that everybody does”, or maybe it could also be “you don’t have much left to talk about”. The last one’s not true, the first one I agree with. We have both travelled a lot and observing is a habit. I guess Danny does it to get the attention and the opportunity for cuddling any dog. I do it because I love scanning people. Oh no not for the fashion, the shoes or hairstyle. It’s to look beyond the curtain of their presentation. Can I read a little in the person’s appearance about his nervous system? How alive is this person? Is he present, attentive, aware or having any zest of life at all?

Oh yes I know it sounds like a full -on body scan. Don’t worry. I don’t talk my husband Danny into the ground with all my findings. Often the conversation stays superficial. I might only mention something about the posture and movement pattern I see, or we bet on what sports this person plays.

But I’m actually more interested in how much zest in life a person does show? A lack could be an indicator of many things… diet, upbringing, current lifestyle, emotions, pain, drive, motivation, lethargy or lack of enjoyment of life… It could also be that the person covers up, “fake it till you make it…. “(Ted Talk)

I think very important factors play a role in whether we display zest of life such as:
our nervous system, our hormones, our genetics, ambition, self-care, upbringing, lifestyle, surroundings, culture and diet.

Myself, I experienced adrenal fatigue and it wasn’t the doctors who made me aware of it, it was one of my best friends. I researched and have been reading many great articles, which show that there is not much desire or drive when one suffers from adrenal fatigue.

How about the nervous system? Due to my work, I often see how the nervous system has an impact on one’s life, my own included. After a few years of self-discovery, I am more able to tune in to others.

“Is that person more in the parasympathicus or sympathicus?”, I ask myself.

For example, look how that fantastic athletic looking person, drives on high impact but knows very little about downtime, because he takes it for granted. We feed our body what it is asking for. Maybe it could be useful for that person to practice the opposite to nurture the nervous system.

I am encouraged to look up Ayurveda and the Doshas to make a little more sense of the subject.

Our hormones play an important role. I need to get the head around dopamine and serotonin, which are also linked to depression, ADHD, anxiety and irritability. There is a difference in serotonin and dopamine dysfunction and disease of the body.

This is a fascinating topic and there are other factors important to balance those two, like food, physical exercise and meditation, goals and downtime.

Genetics play a huge role, having enjoyment in life, now this could be a blog worthwhile just by itself. What do our layers from childhood into adult life look like, what impact did they, or have they, on our life right now?

Upbringing, culture, religion and tradition, trauma, lots of things are influences on having zest of life or lacking it.

I believe strongly it is necessary to practice self-care, acceptance and forgiveness, no blame on others in any situation.

But what about if we think we’ve got it right in everything. We tick the boxes: lifestyle, marriage, career, kids, family and friends but still the lack of zest of life may be obvious. Maybe it is the surroundings: are we having enough space, outer and inner space? Are we happy with our surroundings, does our home make us happy? Is the space we are in making us happy and purposeful?

Many questions. At the end we just need to put that extra little bit of effort and motivation into maybe a good dose of self-awareness, to being honest and open, valuing ourselves and others, so as to create more zest of life.

So yes, from sipping my cup of tea, while my husband is whispering to dogs, I am trying to read the human body. At the end of the day and every day we have choice in our life and appearance. We must be ready to take on that change.