Ayurverda – with Peter Noblet


WHEN: Sunday 14th of October 2018
2-4 pm
LOCATION: Create movement Studio
$55 (Workshop needs to be fully paid by Monday 8th October) via direct debit Create Movement Studio)

Ayurverda – with Peter Noblet (Dip. Ayurveda. Member of Ayurveda Association of Australia)

The second workshop is all about the mind and the vital role a balanced mind plays in your health and well being. Understanding how your mind works and finding out what your mind needs to keep it balanced and happy is the ultimate antidote to the fast paced and often negative world we live in.
Ayurveda provides a fascinating insight into the 3 different mind types. Peter will help you find yours and how to navigate the daily challenges our minds have to deal with.

Attention, participants who did come along to the first part in April and September this is the to go workshop, Part 2!

More information will be released soon! Topic: Ayurveda – Part two: emotional body.