Healthy Shoulder workshop with Claudia

WHEN: Sunday 21st of October 2018
 11am- 1pm
LOCATION: Create movement Studio
$50 (Please contact the studio to book and organize payment for this workshop)

The shoulder, more accurately called the “shoulder girdle” is a remarkable, complex joint. Its mobility, however, is so vulnerable to overuse and injuries. It is the most difficult and complicated joint in the body to rehabilitate.
As with most joint conditions, shoulder problems can be traced back to misuse, overuse, disuse or abuse of shoulder muscles.
This workshop will offer to teach you about the shoulder girdle and how to prevent re- injury. There will be a comprehensive shoulder condition program with a specific stretching routine.
Joseph Pilates (the father of Pilates exercises) said it best:
“Stretch what is tight, strengthen what is lax.”

I have experience working in clinical environments for Osteo’s and Physio’s and also in using different equipment based studios with different teaching practices. With my awareness I can assist you to exercise safely on the mat. Some of the exercises may remind you of those that you learnt if you have had physiotherapy.
There will be also a wealth of knowledge that I will pass on about how to do your home practice safely. I will help you to understand the role of fascia in the body. This is necessary because movement efficiency, fascial stability and adaptability are equally important.

You can book this workshop via email, phone or directly at the studio. Please note there is a 50% deposit required to attend the workshop. The outstanding amount needs to be paid by Thursday 18.of October 2018.

You will receive a take home kit with an exercise program and a small surprise.