Immunity Booster Wellness Day –


7 TH JULY 2018
COST: $40

Immunity Booster Wellness Day with Claudia at Create Movement Pilates Saturday. Masterclass ‘inner fire’ with Claudia (70 Minutes)

(Please contact the studio to book and organize payment for this workshop. Workshop needs to pay in full by 2nd of July to secure your booking) 


This Movement practice is specifically designed to help you warm up; stoke the inner fire with dynamic movement sequence including twists and balance postures. With specifically sequenced exercises sequence to enhance movement integration, adaptability and dynamic stability, rejuvenation, movement freedom and mindful movement practice. At the end, there will be a guided 10-minute meditation to help restore and absorption.

Claudia will help you to deepen your knowledge about the world wide web within you. Claudia will be able to share her experience with you how fascia affects us in everyday life. This practice of being mindful helps you to become aware of your body, mind and emotions, to then give yourself the necessary space to heal in a more effective way.



Meet Joey from Kvass!

‘Restore your gut’

Tips for overcoming gut symptoms and achieving optimal gut health.

Free tasting of Kvass!

What is Kvass: Organic Bio Beet Kvass is a traditionally fermented food –based tonic. Easy to consume and daily and nutrient dense-it’s super convenient, cost-effective, nutritious, sugar-free, functional food.

Let Joey explain the benefits of Functional Food –which means that it’s not only deeply nutritious it also improves health by improving the body’s function!

Kvass can be taken neat, mixed with other drinks or used as a dressing!

Don’t miss out on this amazing tasting and product, produced in Australia!


Needa from Arbonne will introduce you to her selection of Bathing products, scrubs and oils.

‘Keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glow on even the harshest winter days’

Winter has arrived and it is the perfect time to slow down, turn within and focus on total self-nourishment!

Each season is different and the secret to maintaining vibrant health & wellness all year round lies in our ability to be flexible and willing to change – just like the seasons.

To help, we have created this Winter Wellness series to help you sync your self-care program with Mother Nature. Include these tips in your holistic winter routine and allow yourself to remain nourished in mind, body & spirit and glow from the inside out!!

The evidence of winter can be seen in Melbourne’s grey sky and cold nights, but it can also show up on our skin! Dry, tight, red, flaky – there’s no denying our complexion can be affected by the cold air, artificial heating and lack of humidity that often accompany winter.

For our first Winter Wellness installment, we’re giving you glow-inducing tips to help you say goodbye to dry and hello to soft, hydrated and beautifully dewy skin!

Nedda will have some fantastic tips on how to use the products from the Rescue & Renew® Selection

The products Arbonne develops world-class products with potent botanicals and cutting-edge science.. The Ingredient policy as an ever-evolving standard of excellence.

Finishing off the afternoon with some delicious tea and if you have a favourite winter recipe or winter ritual we love to hear about it!