Candle Light “Nourishing and restorative Movement class”


August 16


06:30 pm - 08:00 pm

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Claudia Buehrer


Create Movement

265a Bluff Road, Sandringham, Victoria 3191

Sandringham, Victoria, AU, 3191

Expect a fusion of restorative yoga, and myofascial release.

Create Movement Studio will be transformed into a sea of candles, cozy and warm room, perfect to unwind on a cold winters night.

Come and join me:

Friday 13th September 2019 7.00pm – 8.40pm


The class will help you to find some relaxation with balancing the nervous system – leading to deep relaxation, when all the organ systems of the body are benefited. A few of the measurable physical results of deep relaxation are the reduction of blood pressure, insomnia, adrenal and general fatigue; improved immune function, digestion and supporting of the immune system. The emotional benefits are way beyond measure. It is decadent, radical self-care. The Restorative and Nourishing class, a chance to deepen the connection with your body, minimizing our habitual tendency to go stronger, harder, faster, more… and to in fact actively and intentionally do nothing.

‘The body knows how to heal itself’

The nervous system needs nurturing. The Restorative practice is just the strategy to hold space for your inner healer (Parasympathetic nervous system) to emerge, and allow the body to do what it wants to do. Savoring in restorative poses for longer it is a time to cultivate a compassionate self-enquiry: to listen to your body AND your spirit with your intuitive ear and connect with your inner wisdom – what needs healing or restoring?

Using props like soft grip balls, bolsters, blankets, yoga block – so we literally support the body, making sure you can enjoy and dive into each nourishing pose and restorative pose with ease. .

There will be a 20 minute guided meditation included, covered with the softest blanket you will melt into your mat, free of tension.

We’re looking for that point where the physical body can completely relax, which initiates and facilitates healing on deeper levels including stress and emotions. This Movement class is highly recommended for any and everyone, regardless of previous Pilates and Yoga experience.