Movement & Emotion

I recently attended an exciting teacher-training course in Bali!

It is different if you are exercising in your regular environment compared to having a chance to get on the mat on a holiday, maybe a new studio, or an outdoor class. The climate and location, the people you are surrounded with for a good solid 12 days, it was a whole new experience. And I was already thinking “How can I bring this to Melbourne, to my home based studio?” Yes, we live in a beautiful suburb along the coast, but the tropical forest doesn’t exist here and the lifestyle is much busier. How can we implement this into daily life?

I felt a shift just three days into the course. I noticed a sensation on the way I got out of bed that morning. Of course you get out of bed differently staying in a beautiful Bali Villa, because it is not the same as getting up at home with thoughts already on the busy day ahead! But I felt light, so I went back on to my back just to feel the sensation again. Letting myself sink, light and soft into the mattress – this felt really good. No tension, just relaxed. I felt so loose, almost as if I was floating over the mattress.

Pilates-Mat-Class-MelbourneI took this feeling with me to my course, and as we went over the course material, it didn’t appear to me then how much change had already happened.

The next day I felt different too, it was as if I had created space around myself, as well as more space between other people and me. I acknowledged this sensation and shared the experience with my teacher and colleagues. It became clear to me that change was occurring, not only physically, but much more.

In the last few days of the course, there was one tricky intense sequence and I couldn’t wait till it was over. I gently folded my torso forward into the Hamstring Stretch and the familiar burn in my hamstrings began to build. So, this very uncomfortable Hamstring Stretch and Glide brought up a lot of anger, almost tears. So much emotion and sensations to deal with over a short period of time.

I have always been fascinated by myofascial meridian lines and what effect it can have on ones body. Having this precious time in Bali, with amazing educators, exploring the myofascial training techniques and experiencing all these different components, and becoming more aware of how everything connects with everything. Fascia has an intimate relationship with the nervous, muscular, and skeletal system. It is an integral part of movement.

Fascia also influences our physical, mental and emotional well being.

I am not surprised that some of the exercises with the Franklin soft grip ball have been my favorite. Melting away tension, nourishment of the myofascial tissue with self massage using the soft grip ball. My body seems to cry out for these things, which is not surprising as it usually gets pushed every day to do pilates, yoga, cycling and so much more.

Being in the heart of Bali in Ubud, and having so much time to explore the body, mind and spirit, it became clear how much impact your surroundings and someone’s teaching can have, and most importantly how you deal with this. If you are mindful in your practice you will notice the avoided and negative emotional patterns that happen, but we could also look at it in that “the body can be or is a valuable positive resource and the place where people can experience deep states of calmness and joy.” I personally experienced all of these things. The shift in my posture, in my outer and inner space, setting an intention with each practice. This has had a huge impact on the way I now look at my body as well as my clients’ body.

Shifting your posture can change ones thinking!!

I am looking forward to incorporating the knowledge I have gained from the Myofascial Slings in Motion course in Bali into my classes. Most importantly, now I am able to notice not only your posture and alignment, I know it also comes from deeper within, the way our bodies are shaped, and why things work for some people and not for others. Relax and Release, explore the unexpected emotional responses many of us experience on the mat!