Slings Myofascial Training In Movement

Slings Myofascial Training in movement.

21639fbf-9f65-4cf4-80f6-473f1f4a80e2Just over a month ago I went from Melbourne’s four seasons in one day to Bali’s overpowering heat and humidity all in the name of Slings Myofascial Training in movement. But what exactly is Slings Myofascial Training? How does it impact Create Movement’s long term goals? What are the benefits for you?

Fascia is often defined as a type of connective tissue. Connective tissue is a generic term for all the different tissue types in the body such as ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage, and bones. Connective tissue supports the body structure, holds joints and organs in place and transports signals within the body.

As we age, our connective tissue stiffens, limiting circulation in the body, which then affects the brain. When the brain doesn’t get enough circulation and waste products in the body accumulate, the aging process accelerates.

Slings Myofascial Training offers us a way for our bodies to gain dynamic stability, functional strength and movement ease, improving tissue elasticity, adaptability and responsiveness.

This unique training focuses on postural balance and movement efficiency through promoting qualities of the myofascial system.
As a movement teacher you are always seeking new training methods, to further understand the human body and to ensure it can function at it’s very best. There is no end to how much there is to learn, understand and integrate when it comes to the human body.

The course I attended last year Slings Myofascial Training Level 1 was the first part to this unique and revolutionary training. Personally I left last year’s course applying these new concepts and knowledge to myself, changes that impacted my work life, self practice, and the desire to deepen my knowledge of this particular type of training. I applied the Myofascial Training Technique to my weekly Nourishing Flow class, and in a very short period of time I began to notice changes in my client’s posture. Over the months the popularity in this class and my masterclasses has increased and all because clients themselves are seeing the benefits of this type of training themselves.

It only then became clear to me that Slings Myofascial Training was my path forward, and I couldn’t wait to train further. My time in Bali became further proof that I was onto something big. After struggling with a few minor injuries last year, I dedicated the last 12 months to Slings Myofascial Training and to my delight I reaped the benefits. Not only did studying anatomy and the slings course manual bring me much joy, but it instilled  further my belief that this was the way I could seriously help and assist my clients in improving postural balance and movement efficiency.

Click on the first link and you will find an video clip of Karin Gurtner (Karin is the founder and principal educator of art of motion training in movement®, a renowned training organization for Contemporary Pilates & Slings Myofascial Training based in Switzerland and Australia.)



dbadf71e-911c-4d5e-ada2-9c21865e6c08Is Yoga really good for you?
Yoga is the perfect practice for self-love. It connects the physical body with the spiritual body. Our new ‘Yoga and Slings in
Motion’ class at Create Movement is designed to;
* Improve posture
* Improve balance
* Improve overall wellbeing
* Release body tension
* Boost the immune system
* Improve tissue hydration and nourishment
* Relaxation
* Adaptability
* Just feel happier
For more information or to sign up to our next ‘Yoga and Slings in Motion’ class check Create Movement’s website.

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New photos added, Masterclass events, new timetable for Spring/Summer!
Early morning classes and Saturday morning class are up and running again!
Check out the new Slings Yoga in Motion class and Sling Pilates in Motion class!
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3 Ways to Lift Your Mood!

Posture and attitude are strongly related.
Strengthening your posture, will not only make you look better but feel better as well.
Poor posture negatively impacts your body’s natural processes on a neurological, muscular and hormonal point of view.
Slumping can cause a range of problems from chronic pain and numbness to nerve compression, to gastrointestinal issues and breathing difficulties. Not feeling your best physically can take a big toll on how you feel emotionally.

  1. Commute with good posture. You might be spending upwards of a couple hours in your car. Make your chair more vertical and adjust your rear view mirror a little higher, forcing you to keep your sitting posture tall while you drive.
  2. Move more during the day. Taking the stairs versus the elevator is a good start but take an extra moment on maintaining an upright posture as you go up the stairs- you might be surprised how much better you’ll be able to breath at the top!
  3. Take a break! Stop what you’re doing at work a few times during the day, get out of your chair, stand tall, and focus on your alignment and breathing. Relax your shoulders, hold your head high and then take a deep breath. Take a few more breaths and try to maintain your lengthened posture once you are back in your cha

The year is almost coming to an end, and I am filled with so much joy about how the studio has grown this past year. So far this year has been filled with lots of exciting opportunities, in particular completing the Slings Myofascial Training Practitioner Diploma in Bali. 2017 is already looking like it will be an even bigger year. I am excited to announce that I will be hosting the Anatomy Trains and Slings Myofascial Practitioner Training here in Melbourne.

This is an incredible opportunity for all dance, yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais and Gyrotonic teachers. Karin Gurtner, the founder of Art of Motion is internationally renowned among physiotherapists, osteopaths and massage therapist for her high standards in training, keeping up to date with latest fascia research and working together with Anatomy Trains Australia.This course has had a huge impact on my life, injury prevention and an overall improvement in my sense of well being.
If you would like to find out more please contact me via email …
With the support of professional and experienced educators I will continue to refine my teaching to ensure all my clients receive the very best when it comes to their health and well being.


berrylicious-smoothieBerryluscious Smoothie

2 table spoon goji berries;
2 cups (300ml) chilled Coco Quench;
200 ml Probiotic Kefir Yoghurt (Coconut);
200g frozen blueberries;
100g fresh Strawberries;
1 cup firmly packed baby spinach.

In a small bowl, soak goji berries in half the Coco Quench for 10 minutes. Transfer mixture to a high- speed blender; add mixed berries, spinach and remaining coconut milk. Blend until smooth. Serve over crushed ice, topped with desiccated coconut and fresh mixed berries. Enjoy!