Create Movement – Pilates Retreat 2021

Great memories of Retreat 2019, Gymea Eco Retreat in NSW. 

…. Next upcoming Retreat is set for April/May 2022!

Due to the current situation, we decided to not go down the rabbit-hole of facing cancellation fees due to changing rules of travel to country side Victoria, therefor the retreat has been rescheduled until April/May 2022.

I loved running the Retreat at Gymea in 2019. 

I value the importance that people put on enjoying time out and energizing their body, mind and soul.  There is a sense of connecting with each other, while exploring the beautiful surroundings in nature.  I facilitate and share their explorations of themselves through the workshops, movement practice and restorative sessions and through conversations and sharing experiences amongst each other. 

I love creating the retreat itinerary and organizing the travel arrangements.  It is wonderful to see how my retreat guests relax more each day after arrival, I love witnessing the new friendships forming and how the unravel begins, the letting go of the worries of the outside world and the lightness of being surrounded by other wonderful women, of being well nourished in a holistic and safe space. 

The next one has been postponed to April/May 2022.

Testimonial of Retreat Participant at Gymea Retreat 2019:

My time at Gymea Retreat in NSW was amazing.  I have been to many retreats in the past, all of the most common ones in Australia, but I found Gymea Retreat which was facilitated by Claudia the most grounding.

It was an intimate setting so the retreat itself was more personalised.  I felt protected, nurtured and learnt a lot about myself in just 3 days.  I had the time to ‘just be in the moment’, without feeling rushed.  

I decided to book myself into the retreat for ‘me time’.  I needed to rest the body, calm the mind, live in the moment & just break my cycle of work and worries.

Claudia is an amazing Pilates, Slings, Practitioner .She put so much into the 3 days for everyone.  She made sure you were comfortable, ate well, received the pampering of the massage facilities and ALWAYS ensured you were ok!  She is an amazing person and very giving with her time and knowledge.  She gave so much to everyone and that’s why I highly recommend a retreat facilitated by Claudia.  

She will guide you into meditation and movements in a safe and do-able manner. My body is moving in ways that were once hard for me. Her classes teach you how to move freely so you can understand how to rid stiffness yourself.  All movements can easily be performed at home.  She makes you understand that YOU CAN be who you want and assist you in getting there.  

Her knowledge of anatomy is amazing and I am so happy to know this beautiful lady .  She is a teacher, leader, beautiful practitioner and always giving to others.  Can’t wait for the next one!! 

Thanks Claudia 

Antoinette  xx