Kind words


A few kind words from current and previous students.





I started seeing Claudia about twelve months ago after being referred by a myotherapist who was treating me for chronic lower back pain. The myotherapist specialised in working on the fascia and she knew that Claudia is very skilled in that area. I was immediately struck by Claudia’s inter-personal skills as well as her extensive knowledge of the human body. I began with one-on-one classes which I would highly recommend to anyone who has an injury or who is new to this kind of exercise. Claudia is very intuitive and spent a lot of time patiently working out what was best for my individual needs. During this time I had a failed medical procedure involving injections in the base of my spine. However, this did not phase me as I feel very optimistic about the great progress I am making under Claudia’s guidance. I now combine one-on-one classes with small group sessions, I have lost weight and at sixty-five I look and feel better than I have in ages. I really look forward to my pilates classes with Claudia. She is so passionate about continually learning more in order to help her clients. My daughter is now seeing her and my husband is looking forward to joining a class in her new studio.


I found Claudia through Google search in one of those nights when pain was keeping me awake. It was about time for me to stop and to do something about my posture and my body. Years of sitting in front of a computer all day, plus the frantic travel schedule my work imposes, left me with my neck, shoulder and back completely out of balance. To make things worse I had an ongoing nerve injury with my left arm that made physical exercise a thing I wanted to avoid. For years I went to Chiropractors and had massages but I found only temporary relief since I would go back to my bad habits, stress and bad posture. The advice was always the same, to try Pilates. It wasn’t easy for me, because after years of postponing I found myself overweight, injured and completely unfit. I tried Reformer Pilates, which I enjoyed, but I couldn’t see the results really affecting my body positively. It was after committing to 10 personal Pilates sessions with Claudia that I discovered the full benefits Pilates could bring to my body. Claudia introduced me to a new concept of exercise where each class was purely focused on my body. She would guide me through a calm and peaceful way to workout. Claudia was fully committed to learn about my body and by respecting my weaknesses; she was able to build each class to make me feel better. It was the first time for me after my injury, that I felt I could work out, confident that I wasn’t hurting my body. The best part of all this is that towards the end of the 10 sessions, the pain in my lower back was gone, my arms have regained strength and I was feeling more positive and in balance. I’m now joining the group classes weekly and travelling everywhere with my Chi Ball. I've convinced my husband to sign for the personal sessions and I can see the benefits it’s bringing to his life too. “


I discovered Claudia in our local community and was given a flyer as she came highly recommended by a fellow local. I commenced two months of private sessions with her, I absolutely loved the personalized attention and highly appreciated her understanding of my body, and what was needed to support it in everyday activities. We do share and talk about many things in class, not just the body, but also, the importance of eating and nourishing our bodies well (we even share recipes.) As time went on I joined group classes and this too feels like a private session, as I am not compromised with the personalized attention. Her classes are small and intimate. She brings a wide variety to her sessions due to her broad training in different Movement Practices and Pilates/ Yoga education. Claudia ends each session with a warm uplifting organic tea. Her place of practice is welcoming, warm, and totally organic, as her approach is from a holistic point of view. Claudia gets a true sense of you and then tailors it to your needs. I would certainly recommend Claudia and her practice of methods, as it is essential to my well -being.


My movement background is dance, but I work at a desk 8 hours a day, and no amount of yoga, stretching, or strength training has so far been able to make movement fundamentally easier for me. After my first one-on-one session and only one group class, I already feel increased range of motion and ease in my legs and hips, and finally feel I'm waking up my habitually switched-off deep core strength, which no amount of "core-focused" training had been able to help. I was aware of the integral role fascia plays in movement quality, but had no practical guidance in myofascial training techniques until now -- this is why you need someone who can see what you are doing, and what you're NOT doing, and coach you correctly! You truly do work smarter and not harder; the work is engaging, and can be challenging, but it's not mindless, repetitive or boring, like other training approaches. It's both relaxing and energizing. I feel incredibly lucky to now have access to the kind of expert, insightful teaching that Claudia is offering at Create Movement Studio. Thanks so much!


“Create Movement is a beautiful space, calming, clean, an ambience with natural light beaming in through the ceiling windows. My introduction to and practice of the Slings Myofascial training concept is a life changing experience. I am very dedicated to karate, and have been doing it since the age of 14 years old. I received my black belt in 1997. Karate requires concentration and strict attention. I was looking forward to learning to move my body in a more fluid way than Karate requires. The Slings Myofascial training concept fascinated me after the very first class with Claudia. I was grateful for the precise adjustments I received on the mat. They are exactly what my body needs for its alignment just at the time it needs it. Claudia has an extraordinary ability to extend and challenge her students’ progress safely whilst respecting their limitations. Something important that I am working on that ties in well with Slings Myofascial training , is accepting the present moment, not comparing yourself to what you used to be able to do, or what you might be able to do in the future. I always leave my karate training feeling invigorated and strong, both mentally and physically. The unique Pilates and Slings concept that Claudia taught me is the importance of developing functional strength yet being at ease at the same time.. The Refined Movement practice gave me insight into the importance of the nourishment of the fascial system and balance within the body and mind. I learnt some ways to release tension in parts of my body without putting force on it or overstretching. The outcome was fantastic. After only a few sessions; I was able to take home valuable information about release techniques for connective tissues. Now I incorporate some of the concepts that i learnt in karate. I found the Pilates and Slings training is highly effectively, purposeful and gave me some relaxation. Here’s wishing Claudia all the best for her future. I highly recommend trying one of her Slings & Pilates classes.


After two pregnancies and caesarean sections, my body felt broken. Working with Claudia has been truly amazing: my back and hip pain have gone and I feel stronger than before the pregnancy. Claudia is knowledgeable –you know you’re in safe hands- and is professional, patient and super lovely. Totally recommend Create Movement for pre and post natal Pilates.