Nice to meet you

Hello, and warm welcome to Create Movement. 

My name is Claudia, and I want to share my passion with you: Pilates and Slings Myofascial Training.

I have been a dedicated Pilates Teacher for 12 years.  Pilates is a holistic approach to fitness and leaves me feeling stronger, happier and recharged.  It has improved my posture and cast a whole new light on my approach to my body and well- being.

Slings Myofascial Training® is a unique fascia focused training aiming to promote balanced myofascial tone, strengthen the body’s postural balance, improve movement efficiency, enhance resilience and activate the body’s self-healing abilities.  The progress step-by-step approach of the training allows everybody to achieve individual skill levels.

I became a Slings Myofascial Training Practitioner back in 2016, and since then I have helped many clients to find improved freedom of Movement and balanced healthy life style.  I offer a broad variety of Pilates Mat classes and Fascia focused Pilates focusing on the Slings Training concept.  There is a maximum of twelve participants per class.

For more information on Slings Myofascial Training® click below. 

Claudia is one of the few trainers in Australia to have Slings Myofascial Training. For more information on Slings Myofascial Training CLICK HERE

About Create Movement



After my first one-on-one session and only one group class, I already feel increased range of motion and ease in my legs and hips, and finally feel I'm waking up my habitually switched-off deep core strength, which no amount of "core-focused" training had been able to help.
I was aware of the integral role fascia plays in movement quality, but had no practical guidance in myofascial training techniques until now -- this is why you need someone who can see what you are doing, and what you're NOT doing, and coach you correctly!


Create Movement is a beautiful space, calming, clean, an ambience with natural light beaming in through the ceiling windows. My introduction to and practice of the Slings Myofascial training concept is a life changing experience. 

I found the Pilates and Slings training is highly effectively, purposeful and gave me some relaxation. Here’s wishing Claudia all the best for her future. I highly recommend trying one of her Slings & Pilates classes.


After two pregnancies and caesarean sections, my body felt broken. Working with Claudia has been truly amazing: my back and hip pain have gone and I feel stronger than before the pregnancy.

Claudia is knowledgeable –you know you’re in safe hands- and is professional, patient and super lovely. Totally recommend Create Movement for pre and post natal Pilates.